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I am now heavily into the support-raising phase of ministry. I am officially in week 3. Support-raising certainly has it’s ups and downs and during week 2 life was a bit of a struggle – but God always sees us through and provides our every need.

I have raised 10.3% of my first year’s support.

Support Goal: $2800/month

Support Pledged: $150/month

Special Gifts: $1665


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Word Cloud

Here’s something that I have always found interesting. It’s a ‘word cloud’ of my blog posts so far. The larger the word, the more times it’s mentioned.


Make your own at www.wordle.net

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YS one day

This past Sunday was the Youth Specialties One Day training that was hosted by Ground Zero. Les Christie was the speaker and he talked about how to get youth hungry for the Bible and how to present the Bible in different ways. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to sit and listen since I was helping with registration, the YS store and the meals – but the parts I was able to sit and listen to I truly enjoyed. It’s pretty neat to be involved with a ministry organization that is helping to get rock-solid and high quality youth ministry training into our area!!

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Today was a wonderful day…except for the fact that I was sick. In addition to receiving my first monthly pledge toward my support raising goal I was also tickled to get a couple of cards and letters from some very dear friends. The encouraging notes were so very sweet and much needed at this time as I feel like I am embarking on something so much bigger than I am. I truly thought this wouldn’t be as emotionally draining of a process as it is turning out to be. I have run the gamut of emotions today because my mind has just let me run from one end of the spectrum to the other. In addition to some wonderful notes today we also received some special financial gifts which I am so grateful for as well. God is good and so are all those that are answering His call to help support me in ministry with Ground Zero.

Support Goal: $2800/month

Support Pledged: $100/month

Special Gifts: $120

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Here we go! The announcement letters are out, the training is over and I am now out there on my own raising my financial support. My support goal is $2800/month and today is the first day of beginning to make phone calls to follow up with people. To be honest, this part makes me VERY nervous and here’s why. I plan out what I am going to say and I pray before I dial the number and still somehow I feel like I come out sounding like a moron when the phone is actually answered. I know this will get easier as I have the experience, but it still doesn’t make it any easier.

Praise God!! As I was typing this I got a call from the office that I have gotten my first $100/month pledge!! I am so excited. God knows just how to provide when I am frustrated! Thank you, thank you! My first pledge came from one of my past youth and it is so honoring and reaffirming for me to have it happen just this way. Thank you. God has used you to really lift my spirits today!

I just don’t have anything else to say right now. I am at a loss for words

Support Goal: $2800/month

Support Pledged: $100/month

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gzteenclubIt was clean up day at the site for the Ground Zero teen club. It was pretty neat being down there today because I had seen the floor plans and knew where it was going to be located, but today was actually a way for me to visualize it all together. The teen club will be another way for Ground Zero to reach teenagers that live in the community – not to mention the teenagers that are in Myrtle Beach for the summer on vacation. It’s located less than 2 blocks from the beach. You can step out on the sidewalk and see the ocean…pretty nice!

The GZ teen club will house its own coffee shop, grill, game room, multipurpose room and all the offices for Ground Zero. The multipurpose room can be used for many things from Christian concerts to seminars for parents of teenagers and everything in between. This is a very exciting project for Ground Zero and a wonderful way to impact a community of teenagers for Christ. The club’s projected opening will be in September.

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My car is a ‘vintage plum’ 2000 Honda Civic EX. I really like it. My favorite part about it is that it is paid for.


Bumper scrape from 2000 just after I bought my first new car.

Jay and I had a really rough time with cars the first year we were married. There was actually one week where my poor little Honda Accord was totaled and Jay’s Toyota Tercell just died. So, in one week we both had to go buy new cars. The Honda dealership REALLY liked us…especially when Jay’s new Civic was totaled and he had to get another one.

The point of all of that back information is to say that I truly believe that Satan tries to get to me through our cars. The first time this became evident to me was when I was backing out of a parking place in my brand new civic and I scraped the front bumper on one of the cement support pillars in the parking garage. I threw my car into park, jumped out and ran around the front to see a horrible scar on my brand new bumper. I was fuming. How could I have done this!? I slowly walked back to my car and got in the driver’s seat and then I started to laugh. Who cares?! It’s just a car. It was a material possession that was going to get hit by shopping carts in the grocery store parking lot, not to mention being hit with car doors. It was then that I decided that it just didn’t matter. Not that I didn’t want to take care of my vehicle but that minor dents and dings were going to happen.


Big ding from 2005

Fast-forward to 4 years ago. Jay and I had just moved to Conway, SC where I had begun a new ministry position. I attended a “Lenten Luncheon” at one of the local churches. The parking lot was pretty small so I had to do some creative parking. After the luncheon was over I returned to my car to see that someone had backed right into the side of it. Again, I was fuming. How could someone who was obviously a Christian (I assumed this since I was at a church function) back into my car and not leave a note?! Then it hit me…who cares?! It’s a material possession that still works. My dad later helped me hammer out the majority of the dent from the inside of the trunk. It’s not a professional fix, but it’s worked fine all these years. (The picture was taken today– so the dent was much worse.)


A little front bumper love from my husband's car in 2009.

Last night was the most recent chapter in Satan working on me through my car. Jay has been so wonderful through this whole change in ministry and overly supportive and helpful during the process of support-raising. Last night he was making a run to the post office to drop off the last of the prayer/announcement letters and he backed right into my car. He came in and was obviously upset about it. This time I was not fuming at all. I had caught on to Satan and his tricks involving getting me irate over my car. There was no way that during this time of growing closer to God and to Jay that I was going to allow Satan to have a foothold on me and my emotions. There wasn’t even a second that I was even slightly upset about it. I didn’t even care if we got it fixed…however we now know that it’s going to need to be repaired on some level because part of it scrapes on my tire if I go over bumps in the road. We don’t have the money to fix it, but I am not even going to worry about it because I know that God supplies for our needs and if this is something that really needs to be taken care of then God will provide.

UPDATE: My dad was able to pull out the part that was rubbing on my tire. It’s not pretty, but it’s not a problem anymore!

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