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AKA: C25K Week 2 — Take 2!

After a week of ignoring week 2 of Couch to 5K — I got myself out of bed and got back with the program this morning. Amazingly enough it wasn’t the hardest run I’ve had since I started (that was the 2nd day of week one). However, I did have to convince myself to keep going because my shins were killing me after the 3rd run of the six I had to complete today. I owe all the motivation to keep going to my playlist for week 2. It seemed like every time I was about to give in and head for the house I heard a song that convinced me that I could and should finish.

I am so glad I didn’t give up. It helps to have such an encouraging husband and motivating friends that kept telling me to get back in there. If it wasn’t for all of them I’m pretty sure that I would have decided to throw in the towel.

Here’s this week’s playlist — just in case you wondered.

  • Before the Morning – Josh Wilson
  • Move – Mercy Me
  • Born Again – NewsBoys
  • This Life – Mercy Me
  • Don’t Give Up – Sanctus Real
  • Hey Devil – TobyMac
  • Get Back Up – TobyMac
  • Forgiven – Sanctus Real
  • The Power of Your Name – Lincoln Brewster

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C25K Week 2: Fail

Here’s the post I started after I finished my run on Monday.

I can’t for the life of me remember which one of my friends used to say this, but it was one of them and I always believed it.

Runners aren’t ever happy. They never smile when they are running.

The reason I thought this was true is because you make a split-second judgment as a runner passes you because you only see them for a brief moment and that’s all you know about them. For example, if you happened to drive past me as I was starting one of the 90 second run cycles this morning – you would probably think something like:

Wow, that runner is fat. Apparently running is not the way to lose weight.

However if they drove by 89 seconds later then they would probably think something like:

Oh my, we really ought to stop and take that woman to the ER. I think she might die.

See, there’s no telling what kind of person you are passing when you drive by someone running. I used to think that everyone that ran was unhappy because I only saw them for a second and then either they were gone or I was.

All of this to say that I have debunked the myth behind my friend’s thought that runners aren’t ever happy when they are running because I  actually smiled today while I was running. Today was the first day out for week 2 of the Couch to 5K program and I hadn’t run since Friday AND I had to run for 90 seconds (compared to the 60 seconds from last week). Once I got out there and I ran my first 90 seconds I looked back at the distance I had covered. It was further than I could have imagined being able to run and still breathe comfortably. A smile slowly spread across my face as I turned back around…I was so proud.

Well,  that was the incomplete post after Monday’s run.

You’d think that would have been enough motivation for me to get up and get back out there for day 2…but no.

Although I started out strong this week with the C25K program. The rest of the week just started happening and I haven’t done day 2 or 3…and it’s already Thursday. At first I felt guilty about not getting up early enough to go run yesterday and after I felt miserable all day I promised myself that I would get up today and get back out there…but this morning has come and gone and I didn’t do it. The guilt is slowly vanishing and so is the desire to run – which isn’t a surprise since there wasn’t a whole lot of desire to run when I started this program last week.

I hope I can kick myself enough to finish this week before week 3 starts. I am so behind.

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People who give of themselves and expect nothing in return are my favorite kind of people. Especially when they volunteer for something they truly believe in. Which is why I REALLY like people that volunteer in youth ministry — it means they are people that believe in teenagers and in Jesus.

So, if you are someone who volunteers (or works) in youth ministry…You rock! Keep reaching this generation with something that will matter forever.

This is just for you.

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Here's my up-do from week 1:day 3. Gotta love layers!

I’m getting a little scared here. I am about to say something I never thought I would.

I think I am starting to not strongly dislike running.

I’m not going as far as ‘like’ yet because I think we need to spend a little more time together first. After all, we’ve only been together a week and we barely know each other. But what I can say is that I am looking forward to Monday…sort of.

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I did it. I finished W1D2 (week 1 – day 2) of the Couch to 5K program today.

My key to actually running in the morning: running attire in place the night before to guilt me into it in the morning. (Yes, those are my ancient tennis shoes along with my ancient ipod.)

I really did not want to do it. Getting out of bed was more than a chore this morning–  but luckily I laid out my running attire the night before, so when I finally rolled out of bed and walked in the bathroom I was met with the sight of my tennis shoes. They were taunting me and daring me to get out there and run. I thought about explaining to my shoes that I was still sore from Monday, but I realized that would just be crazy.

Even after the shoe stare-down I still didn’t want to do it but I brushed my teeth, pulled my hair back and washed my face. Then I talked myself into putting my shoes on and stretching — before I knew it I was hitting the pavement and had completed day 2.

“Day 2 was awesome and I feel great!”

is probably what I should be saying…but I’m not. I read all these posts from other people that are following the C25K and they are way more excited than I am. I am not looking forward to Friday at all. Don’t get me wrong. I am extremely proud of myself for accomplishing each step of the program as I push myself to do it, but I don’t like it and I am okay with that. I have to get beyond my selfishness.

The only thing that kept me putting one foot in front of the other today were my pleading prayers not to fall out in the street and the playlist on my ipod. I have put together songs that mean something to me and make me keep pushing when I think I can’t because I know that God made me to be a stronger and fitter person than I have allowed myself to become. I have not been living up to my potential and taking care of what God has given me. So, I don’t have to like it, but I do have to do something…and it seems like running is it.

Week 1 Playlist

  • “So Long Self”  — Mercy Me
  • “Last One Standing” — Mercy Me
  • “Coming Up To Breathe”  — Mercy Me
  • “3:42 AM”  — Mercy Me
  • “Hold Fast”  — Mercy Me
  • “This Week the Trend”  –Reliant K
  • “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been”  — Reliant K
  • “Come As You Are”  — Pocket Full of Rocks

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Almost 8 months ago I decided to try out running. You can even scroll down and see the post where I talked about the “Couch to 5K” program I was doing. the plan was to be able to run 5K (about 3 miles) in just 2 months. I had such a runners-high-optimism after that first day, but guess what…I completed one more day of the program after that November post and then I threw my tennis shoes back in the closet. Actually, if I am really being honest, I didn’t actually complete either of the 2 days of the program like I was supposed to.  I skipped at least three of the eight 60 second runs.

Fast forward to Sunday night.

I got into a “conversation” on facebook with a friend that is going to run the New York City Marathon in November. Which, by the way,  I think is insane! That’s hours of running and that is crazy! Who wants to do that?! [If you are unaware of my feelings about running make sure to read this post.] But, what’s even crazier is that our conversation made me start thinking about the Couch to 5K program again. I won’t go into detail – but there was shame and regret running through my mind. Why had I stopped? Why didn’t I try harder to actually complete one full day? The answer came down to keeping up with the time. I remembered being miserable while I was running, but I was the most miserable while trying to keep up with the timing of the walk/run cycles. Looking at the clock on my phone while I was gasping for breath, wiping sweat from my eyes and grabbing my aching side just didn’t make for a pleasant experience.

After finishing my first day of the Couch to 5K

This revelation led me to Google and then ultimately to the Couch to 5K website – where there are many resources — including an array of downloadable podcasts for each week of the program. I downloaded a couple to listen to and then decided on Lestyn’s C25K podcast with no music. These podcasts are simply Mp3s that only have the vocal cues for the run/walk cycles. I spent Sunday evening adding my own music with Audacity –  so now I have a personal play list of the music I like with the cues I need to do the workout.

I went one step further. I actually finished day 1 of C25K today – with no cheating! All eight of the 60 second runs were done in full. Which means that I ran for 8 minutes…now THAT is crazy!

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