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I have been focusing a lot on church volunteers due to upcoming job responsibilities and the change in my church status from church employee to church member/part of the volunteer pool. During this time of volunteer contemplation I have become involved in a group blogging discussion with the book “Mad Church Disease” by Anne Jackson. The discussion all started here.

“Mad Church Disease” is a wonderful book that tackles the rarely discussed topic of ministry burnout. (I will be leading the discussion for chapter 9 next week.) When I first started reading this book my mind was focused on paid ministry position burnout because it’s what I have experienced. However, as we began group discussion on the book some of the discussion turned to volunteer burnout. I was highly aware of church staff burnout but not overly sensitive to volunteer burnout.

Here are some questions I would like to tackle with some folks willing to discuss. Feel free to add your own.


  • How often do you volunteer?
  • Did you receive training for your position?
  • Have you experienced burnout as a volunteer?
  • Were/Are you serving in an area that you think you fit the best?
  • Did/Do you feel cared for/nurtured in your volunteer position?
  • How did you recover from burnout…or have you?

Church Staff/Volunteer Coordinator:

  • How do you recruit volunteers?
  • How do you decide where to place volunteers in ministry?
  • What kind of training do volunteers get before serving?
  • How do you keep volunteers?
  • How do you protect volunteers from burnout/monitor their health?
  • How do you ensure that volunteers have ample time to be growing spiritually?

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