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I have been consistently poor in my daily quiet times lately and I know that my relationship with God deserves much better than that. I could give a million and one excuses about why I don’t have the time every single day to sit uninterrupted with my maker and praise Him for who He is, what He’s done and what He will do but what it really comes down to is the only reason I am not doing it everyday is because of me and my shortcomings.

grace_0001I decided today that I was going to revisit David Nasser’s “A Call to Grace” as my focus for the restart of my daily devotions. I was so dedicated with my quiet time and was growing in so many ways while I was doing Nasser’s A Call to Die this past fall- but somehow I lost all of my momentum once I completed the 40 day journey. I did manage to start the 39 day grace-filled journey (A Call to Grace) and failed somewhere around day 13…so here I am today…starting over! I have accepted the fact that I fail often and that it’s okay…as long as I get back up and try again. It took me close to 3 years to actually complete A Call to Die in the first place. I had purchased A Call to Die in 2005 and completed it in the fall of 2008 after multiple “restarts”. So here’s to another “restart”.


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