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…Daniel in his first video debut.

Our friends Brandon and Rachel visited us this past weekend and Brandon tried to show Daniel that you can hang a spoon off your nose. However, Brandon wasn’t successful at it and then Daniel picked up a spoon and just popped it right on his nose where it stayed. This was cute at the time, but I have a feeling there will be a time when he will hang a spoon off his nose when it’s inappropriate and then it won’t be so cute.



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I am finding that my favorite time to talk with my son is when we are in the car. He’s strapped into his carseat in the back and observing everything that we drive past and commenting on or questioning most of it. Silence in the car is a rarity for us. Lots of lessons have been learned by both of us through our conversations on our commutes. From patience while we “let the other cars have a turn” at red lights to obedience of driving laws as I explain that we can’t drive just anywhere we want to. Sometimes the lessons are simple and sometimes they are profound.

The most recent carseat conversation that I enjoyed was one that didn’t even involve me. It was between my mom and Daniel. My mom had picked up Daniel from preschool and was brining him home. The route from preschool to home takes you past our church and on this particular day Daniel decided he wanted to point out the cross on the steeple to my mom. The conversation went something like this:

“Hey Grandma! There’s my church!”

“Oh, I see it!” my mom replied.

“Do you see that cross?” he said as he pointed to the steeple on the church.

“Yes I do.” she said as she continued to drive, having no idea where this 3-year-old was about to take her with his conversation.

“Do you want to get on it?” he asked.

A little dumb founded my mom answered, “Um, no Daniel, I wouldn’t.”

“Me neither.” Daniel answered plainly, “But Jesus did.”

Now, I am not sure how the climate in the car was after this statement was made to my mother– but if I had my guess– it’s that Daniel didn’t have anything else to add and my mom’s eyes were welling with tears as she pulled into our driveway.

I share this story only to say that 3-year-olds are amazing spiritual beings. God created them and even though there are days that I think I am about to lose my mind over parenting one of these precious creatures…I am so glad to be a mom and I feel so blessed to be Daniel’s mom. I pray that I just don’t mess him up too bad.

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My life had never really revolved around bugs and creepy-crawly critters…then my precious baby boy grew into a curious 3-year-old boy. Watching him explore the world of dirt, mud and bugs has helped me to get over some of my squeamishness to God’s critters in the bug world.

Whenever Daniel discovers a critter of some type he gets really still, his eyes get really wide, he studies for a moment and then a huge grin envelopes his entire being…then the questions begin to fly.

Mommy! What’s that?

What does it eat?

Will it turn into a butterfly?

Where’s his house? 

crw_9228-bwcopy1These questions typically cause me to head into our garage and grab the empty Classico tomato sauce jar we have set aside for such occasions. The jar is already prepped with air-holes punched in the lid so that we can catch our most recent discovery and step inside to do a little research on the internet with our new buggy pal close by our side. We search for a few answers, Daniel usually gives him a name and then we release our specimen back to his home outside.

Today’s discovery involved a caterpillar that was hanging out in our garden that I have yet to be able to identify through my technological means. We had found one last week that I successfully identified as an Eastern Tent caterpillar…this one was different. He was grey and a little spastic in his behavior. We scooped him into our glass jar, put in a stick and some leaves for his comfort and I went to work researching. After an hour or so I gave up and we went out to the front porch to let him go– but he was no where to be found. I couldn’t figure out how he could have gotten out because the holes in the lid were much too small for him to escape. I shrugged and started thinking about how I was going to locate this creepy-crawly critter that was on the loose in my house. As I started to dump out the leaves and return our trusty bug container to it’s place in the garage where it would be ready for our next discovery– I saw that the leaves were stuck to the bottom of the jar. I lifted the jar up and saw, surrounded by the leaves, our caterpillar friend had made his silky cocoon in the bottom of our jar. Daniel was so excited. He started yelling,

Joggy’s gonna be a butterfly!!

Joggy was the name he gave the caterpillar.

While I am not sure if Joggy will be a butterfly or a moth- I do know that the change our little critter is going to make is huge and he will look and act completely different. All of this reminds me of the change that we make when we accept Christ and truly live for Him. As one of my favorite verses in the Bible tells us that our old self is gone-  just as our old caterpillar pal will no longer be what he was when we found him earlier today. We will never see Joggy in the form that we found him and he’ll be able to do so much more than he could when he was just a caterpillar crawling around on the ground — he’ll be able to FLY! It’s the same way with Christ…who wants to spend their life crawling around and eating their fill of green leaves when they could fly?! We will never be as we were before Christ and that is something that this sinner can and will praise God for!

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!  –2 Corinthians 5:17

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This is Daniel at the St. Jude’s Trike-a-thon. He has to concentrate pretty hard to ride his tricycle. When he is really thinking hard you can tell because he chews on his tounge. It’s pretty cute, but he gets pretty angry when you disturb his thoughts during those moments.

This event made for some pretty funny pictures when I broke his concentration by calling his name to get him to look up at me. This event was to raise funds for the St. Jude’s Children Hospital.

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Godly Play

Three is such a cool age. This is the first year in Daniel’s life that we are seeing him retain stories in his brain and then imitating them in his play later. Bible stories are one of his favorite to hear and act out. The top 5 favs at our house for the moment are Jonah, Noah’s Ark, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, Jesus’ birth and most recently topping the list is the Easter story.

Christmas was fun because we got Daniel the Little People nativity scene which he played with until about 2 weeks ago when I had to sneak it back into the guestroom closet while he was taking his nap. During December and January we heard all about searching for the new-born king because Daniel’s favorite part to play in the Christmas story was the wise men where he was searching for baby Jesus. This made a lot of sense because in addition to his attachment to Bible stories he just can’t seem to get enough of playing hide-n-go-seek.

Easter has been even more exciting. I wasn’t sure how to tell a three-year-old about Easter because in my mind you can’t have Easter without Jesus’ death and I just wasn’t sure that I was ready to tell him that Jesus died. It’s not that he wasn’t ready– but that I wasn’t ready to handle the questions that might arise. I prayed about it and felt like he was ready to hear the story in full (age-appropriately of course). We have a Rhyme Time Bible with the crucifixion and the resurrection stories in it. So I pulled out the Bible and read both of the stories to him. As I read the crucifixion part I waited for the questions to arise about ‘why’ and ‘how’ but Daniel just sat there intently listening. I went straight into the resurrection story and Daniel’s eyes got very wide when Mary got to the tomb and Jesus was missing. He didn’t ask any questions about the story after I finished. He just asked to look at the pictures again. So, I gave him the book and he flipped through the pages over and over again. Later that day Jay and I were both tickled when Daniel pulled out his huge blue Superman ball and pretended to roll away “the stone” and then search for Jesus.

It’s interesting to me that Daniel seems to be drawn to similar ideas in both stories: people searching for Jesus. I’m sure there’s some really cool theological assumption I could make here, but  for right now, I am just enjoying introducing my son to God’s son.

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