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Godly Play

Three is such a cool age. This is the first year in Daniel’s life that we are seeing him retain stories in his brain and then imitating them in his play later. Bible stories are one of his favorite to hear and act out. The top 5 favs at our house for the moment are Jonah, Noah’s Ark, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, Jesus’ birth and most recently topping the list is the Easter story.

Christmas was fun because we got Daniel the Little People nativity scene which he played with until about 2 weeks ago when I had to sneak it back into the guestroom closet while he was taking his nap. During December and January we heard all about searching for the new-born king because Daniel’s favorite part to play in the Christmas story was the wise men where he was searching for baby Jesus. This made a lot of sense because in addition to his attachment to Bible stories he just can’t seem to get enough of playing hide-n-go-seek.

Easter has been even more exciting. I wasn’t sure how to tell a three-year-old about Easter because in my mind you can’t have Easter without Jesus’ death and I just wasn’t sure that I was ready to tell him that Jesus died. It’s not that he wasn’t ready– but that I wasn’t ready to handle the questions that might arise. I prayed about it and felt like he was ready to hear the story in full (age-appropriately of course). We have a Rhyme Time Bible with the crucifixion and the resurrection stories in it. So I pulled out the Bible and read both of the stories to him. As I read the crucifixion part I waited for the questions to arise about ‘why’ and ‘how’ but Daniel just sat there intently listening. I went straight into the resurrection story and Daniel’s eyes got very wide when Mary got to the tomb and Jesus was missing. He didn’t ask any questions about the story after I finished. He just asked to look at the pictures again. So, I gave him the book and he flipped through the pages over and over again. Later that day Jay and I were both tickled when Daniel pulled out his huge blue Superman ball and pretended to roll away “the stone” and then search for Jesus.

It’s interesting to me that Daniel seems to be drawn to similar ideas in both stories: people searching for Jesus. I’m sure there’s some really cool theological assumption I could make here, but  for right now, I am just enjoying introducing my son to God’s son.


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