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Let me actually start this post by saying that I was finally successful with completing week 2 of C25K — on the 2nd try of course — and then I started week 3 where I had to run for 3 full minutes in 2 of the intervals which I was shocked that I could actually do!  However I did get a little distracted this week…

My friend LeighAnn (who’s fault it is that I started this C25K program in the first place) just started her training for the New York City marathon this past week and she started her running addiction with C25K too. This week she had a post on her blog about mental preparation before a run. She talked about using the phrase “But it doesn’t matter” to combat negative thoughts that enter your head while running [see her post].

I really liked this idea –so I started making plans to get this phrase into my head before I started running week 3 of C25k (which was the past week for me). I get up at 5:30 AM to go run by 6:00 AM so my negative thoughts usually start while I am still lying in bed in a slightly comatose state and unfortunately these thoughts have been pretty successful at keeping me off the pavement on several occasions this week.

Here are the thoughts that successfully kept me from hitting the street and continuing to hit the snooze button this past week:

But my knee is really bothering me this morning.

Man, I am having some major cramps.

My head is killing me. If I can just keep my eyes closed for a few more minutes…

Wow, it’s 3:30 AM and the rain is really coming down out there. I bet it won’t blow over in the next 2 hours. I’ll just reset my alarm clock and try again for tomorrow morning.

I forgot to wash my running clothes.

Yes. These are the lame thoughts that helped me decide to stay in bed. If only I had been able to wrap my mind around, “But it doesn’t matter” — then maybe I would have more than 1 out of 3 days completed for week 3. Oh and for the record– my knee didn’t hurt that bad, it was not still raining at 5:30 AM and I had other clothes that I could have worn to run in…but in my groggy mental state at 5:30 AM all I could think was,

But it doesn’t matter — any excuse is good enough…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So I guess I did wrap my mind around “But it doesn’t matter”. It just wasn’t the way it was originally intended. Oh well, the good thing is that tomorrow starts another week and I’ll hit week 3 again.

The reality is that it will probably take me 18 weeks to complete a 9 week program…but it doesn’t matter.


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C25K Week 2: Fail

Here’s the post I started after I finished my run on Monday.

I can’t for the life of me remember which one of my friends used to say this, but it was one of them and I always believed it.

Runners aren’t ever happy. They never smile when they are running.

The reason I thought this was true is because you make a split-second judgment as a runner passes you because you only see them for a brief moment and that’s all you know about them. For example, if you happened to drive past me as I was starting one of the 90 second run cycles this morning – you would probably think something like:

Wow, that runner is fat. Apparently running is not the way to lose weight.

However if they drove by 89 seconds later then they would probably think something like:

Oh my, we really ought to stop and take that woman to the ER. I think she might die.

See, there’s no telling what kind of person you are passing when you drive by someone running. I used to think that everyone that ran was unhappy because I only saw them for a second and then either they were gone or I was.

All of this to say that I have debunked the myth behind my friend’s thought that runners aren’t ever happy when they are running because I  actually smiled today while I was running. Today was the first day out for week 2 of the Couch to 5K program and I hadn’t run since Friday AND I had to run for 90 seconds (compared to the 60 seconds from last week). Once I got out there and I ran my first 90 seconds I looked back at the distance I had covered. It was further than I could have imagined being able to run and still breathe comfortably. A smile slowly spread across my face as I turned back around…I was so proud.

Well,  that was the incomplete post after Monday’s run.

You’d think that would have been enough motivation for me to get up and get back out there for day 2…but no.

Although I started out strong this week with the C25K program. The rest of the week just started happening and I haven’t done day 2 or 3…and it’s already Thursday. At first I felt guilty about not getting up early enough to go run yesterday and after I felt miserable all day I promised myself that I would get up today and get back out there…but this morning has come and gone and I didn’t do it. The guilt is slowly vanishing and so is the desire to run – which isn’t a surprise since there wasn’t a whole lot of desire to run when I started this program last week.

I hope I can kick myself enough to finish this week before week 3 starts. I am so behind.

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