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Okay…so I have finally gotten myself in gear the way I should have 5 weeks ago when this whole support-raising journey began. I would chalk it all up to procrastination, but I truly believe that support-raising is a journey and that I have emotionally made it to where I need to be in this very moment to do what I need to do so that God can do the rest. Through it all, you should know that I am a very flawed human trying to make sense of something so much bigger than myself. I am very thankful that I have been given a purpose and a passion to work in ministry with teenagers and be a part of reaching one of the most unreached generations for Christ.

June 1st is my deadline for raising $2800/month. So far, I have been blessed with a pledged $400/month. June is not so far away and after taking a good long look at it…I need to be able to get $400/month pledged each week between now and then to make it to my support-raising goal. Now, that seems like a lot and yet it also somehow seems manageable. There are many ways this could break down. Here are a few scenarios I came up with:

  • 12 indviduals pledge $200/month
  • 24 individuals pledge $100/month
  • 48 individuals pledge $50/month
  • 96 individuals pledge $25/month
  • 240 individuals pledge $10/month
  • Any combinations of the above…or any combination of any monthly pledged amount that equals $2400.

I am currently praying about God stirring in the hearts of those that He is calling to be a part of my support team. I am also praying that God will take my measly understanding of how I think this will play out and turn it into something that is better than I ever expected.


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