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I know I’ve said it before, but support-raising is not an easy task. Life gets so hectic and then the next thing you know — another week has gone by. I am responsible for raising 100% of my support to be in ministry with Ground Zero but at least I am not responsible for the “how” it’s going to happen. I have to do what I know to do and let God take care of the rest.

Support Update

Goal: $2,800/month
Monthly: $200/month
Special Gifts: $1695
1st Year Percentage: 12%


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I am now heavily into the support-raising phase of ministry. I am officially in week 3. Support-raising certainly has it’s ups and downs and during week 2 life was a bit of a struggle – but God always sees us through and provides our every need.

I have raised 10.3% of my first year’s support.

Support Goal: $2800/month

Support Pledged: $150/month

Special Gifts: $1665

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gzteenclubIt was clean up day at the site for the Ground Zero teen club. It was pretty neat being down there today because I had seen the floor plans and knew where it was going to be located, but today was actually a way for me to visualize it all together. The teen club will be another way for Ground Zero to reach teenagers that live in the community – not to mention the teenagers that are in Myrtle Beach for the summer on vacation. It’s located less than 2 blocks from the beach. You can step out on the sidewalk and see the ocean…pretty nice!

The GZ teen club will house its own coffee shop, grill, game room, multipurpose room and all the offices for Ground Zero. The multipurpose room can be used for many things from Christian concerts to seminars for parents of teenagers and everything in between. This is a very exciting project for Ground Zero and a wonderful way to impact a community of teenagers for Christ. The club’s projected opening will be in September.

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