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People who give of themselves and expect nothing in return are my favorite kind of people. Especially when they volunteer for something they truly believe in. Which is why I REALLY like people that volunteer in youth ministry — it means they are people that believe in teenagers and in Jesus.

So, if you are someone who volunteers (or works) in youth ministry…You rock! Keep reaching this generation with something that will matter forever.

This is just for you.


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This has been a great year of ministry with Ground Zero! This school year alone over 6,500 were in attendance at Ground Zero events with at least 340 students making faith decisions during these events. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us and the students of Myrtle Beach next school year!

We have already begun preparing for the new school year and with the new school year comes new responsibilities and a new job title for me. In the past couple of months I have been making a transition into the position of Ministry Director at Ground Zero, which means that I am responsible for campus ministry development on our local middle school and high school campuses. We currently have Ground Zero Campus Ministries at 8 schools. I am in the process of redeveloping the strategy and structure for the 2010-11 school year. This new structure will drastically change how students serve in leadership positions in their school’s GZ campus ministry and how we train them to reach a lost and hurting generation of students that are right at their finger-tips in the hallways everyday.

I am so excited about where God has placed me in ministry and I am humbled by how He continues to use me. Thank you to all of you who believe in me and in Ground Zero’s ministry to students. It is through the generosity of people like you providing for our family’s needs that help me to continue working with Ground Zero to empower the Christian community to reach teenagers for Jesus Christ.

God has provided for our family in so many ways this year, but as I write this I am still in need of additional monthly financial partners. I’m currently  at 50% of my monthly salary level. Please pray about the possibility of supporting me in my ministry to teenagers through Ground Zero.

Thank you for allowing God to use many of you to provide for our family’s needs!

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More than 450 students, youth workers and guests filled Carolina Forest Community Church’s main auditorium on Sunday, October 4 for the latest Ground Zero Impact Worship experience featuring local Christian band The Empty Shoes  and influential Christian communicator Tony Nolan.

Tony challenged the audience, a large percentage from local youth groups, to put God front and center in their lives. Teaching from the call on the prophet Isaiah’s life, Tony explained the human tendency to demand details from God. “Don’t be afraid of where He’s going to send you. Don’t try to fit God into your calendar at the last minute,” said Tony. “Don’t run away from the things He’s asking you to do. Just make Him your priority.”

At the conclusion of the message, sixty-two students made decisions or re-commitments to Christ. Ground Zero offered them its signature devotional for new believers, Make It Real, and a student NIV Bible, generously provided by ministry partner Lifeway Christian Store in Myrtle Beach.

Ground Zero’s Impact Worship events are quality worship experiences that bring together community youth for praise, prayer and a biblical message. Students who made decisions on October 4 understood the challenges they face in living out an authentic faith. “I’m never going to be perfect,” said one student. “But I’m ready for a big step closer to God.” And another admitted to already facing challenges. “Why are God’s life lessons so hard?” she asked.

One student summed up the message perfectly in his response. “I don’t have any questions,” he said. “I am willing to follow God.”

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Nearly 2,000 participants braved cloudy skies and intermittent drizzle on Saturday, September 26 to be a part of the 2009 Ground Zero Block Party, the Grand Strand’s biggest back-to-school bash, held in the 500 block of 9th Avenue North, Myrtle Beach.

Teenagers, youth workers, families, and community partners came together for an entire evening of Christian fun and entertainment with special appearances from extreme sports athletes in Outcast BMX, up-and-coming pop/urban group Kimber Rising, rock artist Todd Agnew, and Gospel Music Association’s New Artist of the Year, Building 429.

“It was really fun and totally amazing to meet all the artists,” said 14-year-old Kristen, winner the GZ eNewsletter contest for two VIP backstage passes. Kristen and her mother, along with other special guests, met with performers before the event for pictures and refreshments. “Todd Agnew spoke with us and prayed with us. I’ll definitely go to other Ground Zero events.” Kristen and her mom heard about the Block Party on K-LOVE radio.

Performers launched into high-energy tunes at the crowd’s insistence of “Play, play, play!” even as the City of Myrtle Beach’s fireworks show got underway just two streets over.

“Wow, what a show – one of the best of this tour!” tweeted Building 429. “Myrtle Beach, you rawk!” The artists joined forces to promote child sponsorship through World Vision, logging on over 60 new sponsors for underprivileged children across the globe. Audience members also donated nonperishable foods for Myrtle Beach Primary’s Backpack Lunch Program benefitting area students in need.

“What a great event!” said Julie Von Bokern of Myrtle Beach’s The Brandon Agency. “I am constantly impressed with Ground Zero and how well the team works together to minister to teenagers.”

We extend our deepest thanks to our incredible team of volunteers, sponsors, community partners, participants, and donors for enthusiastically supporting the 2009 GZ Block Party.

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Ground Zero’s first Impact Worship experience of the 2009-2010 school year drew more than 600 students, parents and youth workers to Carolina Forest Community Church on Sunday, September 13 for a presentation from CHAOS Theory’s Clint Thomas.

The media-rich, hard-hitting production zeroed in on many of the destructive issues confronting youth today: sex, violent entertainment, pornography, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, and other high risk behaviors. A drunk driving victim revealed the consequences of destructive choices. “You’re being lured into a trap,” Clint explained to students, referring to pop music’s violent lyrics and the entertainment industry’s darkness disguised as glamour. “Even if you say you don’t buy into a song’s message, you’re still soaking in it – just like a steak that’s marinating in the refrigerator.”

Two teenagers who had just been baptized that morning at church brought a friend to the event who didn’t know Jesus. “We’ve been worried about him,” they explained. Their friend was one of 67 students who made decisions or recommitments to Christ at the conclusion of Clint’s presentation.

“It made you think,” said a student. “It was a major wake up call.” Afterwards, members of one youth group discussed how to take a stand against offensive music and videos that saturate their generation. They decided to purge their personal collections and together destroy CDs and DVDs at their next youth meeting.

“Clint’s message was exactly what my teenagers needed to hear,” said one parent. “He told them the same thing I’ve been telling them for a long time, but they listen to him. I’m grateful that Ground Zero brought CHAOS Theory here to shine the light for our teenagers.”

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Wow! It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. After I started working at Ground Zero full time…personal blogging became my last thought and I just haven’t gotten around to thinking any of my last thoughts lately. I’ll post a couple of GZ event updates for you today. Look for them!

I have been keeping up with the Ground Zero facebook, twitter and website! Check them out if you like!

Facebook www.facebook.com/GroundZeroMB

Twitter www.twitter.com/GroundZeroMB

Website www.GroundZeroMB.com

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I’m really glad to be a part of the group blogging project based on Anne Jackson’s book Mad Church Disease: Overcoming the Burnout Epidemic. The previous blogger led discussions can be found at the folowing blogs:

  • mad church diseaseChapter 1: Andy Darnell
  • Chapter 2: Santos Samayoa
  • Chapter 3: John Gruber
  • Chapter 4: Kevin Martineau
  • Chapter 5: Larry Johnson 
  • Chapter 6: Adam Shields
  • Chapter 7: Chris Downs
  • Chapter 8: Dawn Carter 
  • Chapter 9 focuses on emotional health and it’s fitting that me, an overly emotional woman, landed this chapter discussion. I can’t sit through Hallmark commercials without being in tears.

    Before I begin, let me tell you where I am coming from. I served in youth and children’s ministry in the church just shy of 8 years where I eventually threw in the towel in an effort to save myself, my family and my sanity. I then spent the next couple of months seeking God and His plan for me. During this time God began opening doors for me to begin working with Ground Zero, a ministry that assists the Christian community in reaching teenagers.

    Ministry (paid or volunteer) can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience but it can also become lonely and painful. Instead of turning to God during these times of hurt and isolation many people look to unhealthy emotional escapes in order to numb or forget the pain that this season of ministry brings for them.

    Here are the ways Anne suggests fighting mad church disease in relation to emotional health:

    1. Own up
    2. Change your purpose
    3. Make a plan
    4. Create boundaries
    5. Accountability

    Accountability has come up again! I think I am picking up on a pattern here. Accountability is REALLY important in ministry.

    What do you do to avoid harmful growth of your emotional health?
    Do you have accountability with someone concerning this area?

    Continue the discussion here.

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