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I haven’t done an official numbers update in a while. Things are going well for raising my funding to begin ministry with Ground Zero. There are up days and down days…just like in anything else. Here’s where I am as of today.

I am just $3.33 away from 50% funded.

Would you like to join my support team?

Support Update
Goal: $2,800/month
Monthly: $1,095/month
Special Gifts: $3620 ($301.67/month)
1st Year Percentage: 49.88%
Deadline: July 1


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Well, today marks week #8 of support raising. I have had my ups and my downs. I have been dedicated and I have been less than dedicated.  I have had surprises and upsets. I have had blessings, many blessings. Blessings from reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones and of course financial blessings as well.

I have officially been blessed to raise 27% of my needed support and I praise God for that! Only 73% more to raise. If I look at the precentage it seems much worse than it really is. It sounds like I need to work three times as hard as I already have to get it all raised and that I’ll need about 24 more weeks to do it…but that’s just not true. I have learned to work smarter in the last 8 weeks of this support-raising journey and I know that God will provide. In my experience with God I have learned that God is never late and that He is always on time and with my goal deadline being about a month away I am excited to see how many more blessings and surprises that God has in store over the next 4 weeks.

Putting it into perspective: I just need 80 individuals to give $25/month toward my staff support and I am at my goal! Wanna be one of them?

Support Update
Goal: $2,800/month
Monthly: $595/month
Special Gifts: $1980
1st Year Percentage: 27%
Deadline: June 1

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Okay…so I have finally gotten myself in gear the way I should have 5 weeks ago when this whole support-raising journey began. I would chalk it all up to procrastination, but I truly believe that support-raising is a journey and that I have emotionally made it to where I need to be in this very moment to do what I need to do so that God can do the rest. Through it all, you should know that I am a very flawed human trying to make sense of something so much bigger than myself. I am very thankful that I have been given a purpose and a passion to work in ministry with teenagers and be a part of reaching one of the most unreached generations for Christ.

June 1st is my deadline for raising $2800/month. So far, I have been blessed with a pledged $400/month. June is not so far away and after taking a good long look at it…I need to be able to get $400/month pledged each week between now and then to make it to my support-raising goal. Now, that seems like a lot and yet it also somehow seems manageable. There are many ways this could break down. Here are a few scenarios I came up with:

  • 12 indviduals pledge $200/month
  • 24 individuals pledge $100/month
  • 48 individuals pledge $50/month
  • 96 individuals pledge $25/month
  • 240 individuals pledge $10/month
  • Any combinations of the above…or any combination of any monthly pledged amount that equals $2400.

I am currently praying about God stirring in the hearts of those that He is calling to be a part of my support team. I am also praying that God will take my measly understanding of how I think this will play out and turn it into something that is better than I ever expected.

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I have learned a lot in the past 6 weeks. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Support-raising is much harder than I thought.
  • 3 year olds can be profound.
  • God really does know what He’s doing.
  • Sometimes the most important part is the hardest part.
  • Sometimes the hardest part wasn’t as hard as you first thought it was.

The most important thing I have picked up on is that support-raising is a mind set. If you get your mind set right then the rest of it falls into place. Meeting with people isn’t as hard, asking people to help support you isn’t as complicated and picking up the phone to call folks is a little more simple. When I set my mind on God and the greater things I am to accomplish (reaching an unreached generation) then the work to accumulate the funds is no where near as daunting.

Support Update

Goal: $2,800/month
Monthly: $400/month
Special Gifts: $1695
1st Year Percentage: 19%

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I know I’ve said it before, but support-raising is not an easy task. Life gets so hectic and then the next thing you know — another week has gone by. I am responsible for raising 100% of my support to be in ministry with Ground Zero but at least I am not responsible for the “how” it’s going to happen. I have to do what I know to do and let God take care of the rest.

Support Update

Goal: $2,800/month
Monthly: $200/month
Special Gifts: $1695
1st Year Percentage: 12%

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I am now heavily into the support-raising phase of ministry. I am officially in week 3. Support-raising certainly has it’s ups and downs and during week 2 life was a bit of a struggle – but God always sees us through and provides our every need.

I have raised 10.3% of my first year’s support.

Support Goal: $2800/month

Support Pledged: $150/month

Special Gifts: $1665

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My car is a ‘vintage plum’ 2000 Honda Civic EX. I really like it. My favorite part about it is that it is paid for.


Bumper scrape from 2000 just after I bought my first new car.

Jay and I had a really rough time with cars the first year we were married. There was actually one week where my poor little Honda Accord was totaled and Jay’s Toyota Tercell just died. So, in one week we both had to go buy new cars. The Honda dealership REALLY liked us…especially when Jay’s new Civic was totaled and he had to get another one.

The point of all of that back information is to say that I truly believe that Satan tries to get to me through our cars. The first time this became evident to me was when I was backing out of a parking place in my brand new civic and I scraped the front bumper on one of the cement support pillars in the parking garage. I threw my car into park, jumped out and ran around the front to see a horrible scar on my brand new bumper. I was fuming. How could I have done this!? I slowly walked back to my car and got in the driver’s seat and then I started to laugh. Who cares?! It’s just a car. It was a material possession that was going to get hit by shopping carts in the grocery store parking lot, not to mention being hit with car doors. It was then that I decided that it just didn’t matter. Not that I didn’t want to take care of my vehicle but that minor dents and dings were going to happen.


Big ding from 2005

Fast-forward to 4 years ago. Jay and I had just moved to Conway, SC where I had begun a new ministry position. I attended a “Lenten Luncheon” at one of the local churches. The parking lot was pretty small so I had to do some creative parking. After the luncheon was over I returned to my car to see that someone had backed right into the side of it. Again, I was fuming. How could someone who was obviously a Christian (I assumed this since I was at a church function) back into my car and not leave a note?! Then it hit me…who cares?! It’s a material possession that still works. My dad later helped me hammer out the majority of the dent from the inside of the trunk. It’s not a professional fix, but it’s worked fine all these years. (The picture was taken today– so the dent was much worse.)


A little front bumper love from my husband's car in 2009.

Last night was the most recent chapter in Satan working on me through my car. Jay has been so wonderful through this whole change in ministry and overly supportive and helpful during the process of support-raising. Last night he was making a run to the post office to drop off the last of the prayer/announcement letters and he backed right into my car. He came in and was obviously upset about it. This time I was not fuming at all. I had caught on to Satan and his tricks involving getting me irate over my car. There was no way that during this time of growing closer to God and to Jay that I was going to allow Satan to have a foothold on me and my emotions. There wasn’t even a second that I was even slightly upset about it. I didn’t even care if we got it fixed…however we now know that it’s going to need to be repaired on some level because part of it scrapes on my tire if I go over bumps in the road. We don’t have the money to fix it, but I am not even going to worry about it because I know that God supplies for our needs and if this is something that really needs to be taken care of then God will provide.

UPDATE: My dad was able to pull out the part that was rubbing on my tire. It’s not pretty, but it’s not a problem anymore!

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